3 Fun Foods & Snacks To Make With Bacon

As a company that offers American-style cuisine and catering in Bucks County, Philadelphia and other surrounding areas, we at Village Catering know that bacon is one of the most talked about things in the food realm—especially in the US.  In fact, just this past month, Philadelphia hosted the annual Pennsylvania Bacon Festival at XFINITY Live!  From what we’ve read regarding the aftermath the event, thousands of people sampled all types of foods (and drinks) that were either made from or tasted like bacon.

Like events such as the Pennsylvania Bacon Festival tell us, no matter what way you put it—bacon is one food that American people enjoy.

Therefore, in honor of bacon, we have decided to share 3 things you can make with bacon being the central component (and highlighted portion) of the recipe.  However, don’t think these are the only tasty treats you are limited to.  In fact, The Food Network’s website offers fifty different uses for bacon and listed below is some of our favorites that the website mentioned.

Popcorn, Cheese and Bacon

Having popcorn that is cheese-flavored is one thing, but adding bacon bits to the mix takes it to the next level!

Yes, that’s right, Bacon Butter!

Can you imagine butter mixed with bacon bits, yeah we can!  Next time you have that piece of bread and butter you will have an extra added treat!

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

While this dish is certainly one of the more well-known, we just couldn’t keep it off our list!  Plus, you can also do bacon-wrapped shrimp!  In fact, you can pretty much wrap anything with bacon!  We’ve definitely seen our share here at Village Catering!