3 Different Sweet 16 Party Ideas


Are you about to place 16 candles on top of a chocolate cake with pink icing and purple flowers? We have an inkling that your daughter it about to turn 16! Any who, what type of party are you having to celebrate? After all, turning 16 is more than just a birthday this day and age, it is the celebration of a girl hitting her first big milestone. Well, for most of them it is!

If your daughter is on the quieter side and doesn’t want to have a big celebration, you might just think that letting her blow out the candles will do the trick (again) this year. However, for those girls that do not want to have a big party, there are other more subtle things that they might want to do to celebrate. There are also many more economical ways to celebrate than hiring a catering company and renting out a hall for the night!

Have A Pool Party & Hawaiian Luau!

This idea still screams “party!” but you can make it more low-key (instead of renting out a hall) by having it in your own backyard (if you have a pool) or take everyone to the local pool. Also, there are many things you can do at a backyard pool party in order to make it more about swimming—you can have a theme! One particular theme that would be perfect for a pool party is a Hawaiian Luau or Tropical theme. You can decorate your backyard with bright flowers, streamers and leis, as well as serve food such as shrimp cocktail, pineapple or mango salsa with nachos, pork tacos, or other flavorful tropical dishes.

For those of you reading this that have a daughter who turns 16 during a non-summer month, you can ask her if she wants to hold off celebrating until it gets warm. This way, you can still go the pool party route!

Dinner And A Movie With A Slumber Party After!

This option will prove ideal for girls that would rather just have a night in with a few select girlfriends. Not to mention, this option is very affordable. You can treat your daughter and her friends to a home-cooked meal, order takeout, or take them all to the birthday girl’s favorite restaurant. Once dinner is over they can watch that movie that they have been dying to see or an old favorite. Once the movie is done, everyone can hit the hay or spend the night gossiping or playing games!

Make It A Day At The Amusement Park

This might be a little bit pricier than our movie night suggestion. However, if there is any good reason to go to an amusement park—it’s to celebrate a birthday. What’s more, a lot of theme parks are open throughout the year and have specials in which you can buy one ticket and get one half off. So, as far as being an affordable sweet 16 birthday celebration, this is somewhere near the middle of the list.

There are many other ways to celebrate a sweet 16. If you would like to rent out a hall or hire a catering company such as us here at Village Catering, we will do everything that we can to make it memorable for your daughter and you!