3 Decorating Tips to Consider for Your Next Event at A Banquet Hall

As the owners of a catering company, and one of Philadelphia’s various gorgeous banquet halls, you can bet that we know more than enough about decorating them. Another thing we are aware of is that finding the funds to decorate them the way you want for your wedding, birthday party, or another event, can be challenging. Therefore, to help you save both money and time when it comes to decorating a banquet hall for your next event, you can consider some of the following:

Christmas Lights.

Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas. People use them during all holidays and even just to add some light to their homes or offices. Therefore, if you have some lights lying around, you should consider using them as decorations for your next event. And, if you are having a wedding, you can grab some white lights. Christmas lights can be hung on chairs and the ceiling, around cakes, in plants, and many other places. Plus, a lot of lights are cheap!











Although the chairs at parties and events (especially weddings) have seat covers, they can be costly to buy or rent. So, instead of utilizing seat covers, go to the store and buy some cheap and beautiful ribbons to tie on chairs or add some elegance in other places.


Unless you are buying some brand name candles, these are some cheap decorations that you can purchase to place everywhere. And, if you are having a wedding, having candles definitely adds to the romantic vibe!







In addition to the three ideas we mentioned above, there are countless others that you can consider for your next event or wedding! In fact, if you would like to hear more, you can definitely reach out to us!

If you are searching banquet halls in the Philadelphia, PA area, to host your next event or wedding, you should consider Cottage Green. Not only can you decorate it any way you want, or have our team do the decorating, but you will not be disappointed with its size! To learn more about the Cottage Green, please call or email us at any time!