3 Chinese Wedding Traditions and Customs

Are you attending a traditional Chinese wedding? Understanding some of the traditions you might see in the wedding hall in Philadelphia on the couple’s special day can help you better appreciate both the ceremony and Chinese culture. Read on to learn a few traditions and customs you might see before or during a traditional Chinese wedding.  

  • Red invitations. When you receive an invitation to a traditional Chinese wedding, you’ll usually get it in a red envelope. In Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and happiness. The envelope may also have gold writing on it, which is another lucky color in Chinese culture. The invitation will include the names and birth dates of both the bride and groom, the name of the couple’s parents, and the location of the venue.
  • The traditional wedding dress. If you’re attending a very traditional Chinese wedding, you likely won’t see the bride wearing a white wedding dress when she walks down the aisle. Instead, she will be wearing a qipao, a very feminine body-mugging dress. Modern brides may choose to wear a white wedding dress for the ceremony and change into her qipao for the reception.
  • The banquet. Wedding receptions in Chinese culture traditionally feature a large, extravagant feast to celebrate the happy couple. Many dishes you’ll see served symbolize hope for the family for the couple’s happiness. For example, you might see a whole fish served. This dish symbolizes abundance and wealth. For dessert, the couple might serve sweet lotus seeds alongside the traditional white cake. In Chinese culture, these lotus seeds symbolize fertility and healthy children for the couple.

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