3 Bridal Shower Mistakes to Avoid


Planning a bridal shower can be stressful—you might even feel as stressed as the bride has been during the wedding planning process! Make the party planning a lot easier and score major brownie points with the bride by avoiding these common bridal shower planning missteps.

Not planning everything out beforehand

Like any major party, a successful bridal shower will require you to plan everything down to the letter. Make a checklist of everything that you need to do and organize well before the big day. Some common things you’ll want to plan for include tasting food, thinking up games, and finding the perfect bridal shower banquet hall in Bucks County, PA.

Not setting a budget—or not sticking to it

Unless your last name is “Kardashian,” you probably don’t have an unlimited amount of money to work with when you’re planning your friend’s bridal shower. Create a budget beforehand and decide how much you can afford to spend in each category. Then, try your hardest to stick to your budget while also being flexible. For example, if you overspend on your venue, cut back a bit on the flowers or other decorations.

Not accepting help that’s offered to you

Planning a bridal shower is stressful—and there’s absolutely no shame in admitting that you’re overwhelmed and you need help finishing the planning. Delegating just a few tasks to other members of the bridal shower can help you plan a better party and take a little bit of stress off your shoulders.

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