3 Baby Superstitions From Around the World

Most Americans are familiar with the common cultural expectations for a mother-to-be. From decorating their baby shower hall to preparing a nursery for the little one well before birth, getting ready for the arrival of a new baby comes with a fun set of traditions. But did you know that other cultures have their own superstitions and traditions when it comes to welcoming a little one? Let’s take a look at three pregnancy and baby superstitions from around the world.

  • Don’t look into the moon. Want to protect your new baby against disease? If you were an Aztec woman, protection meant avoiding looking directly at the moon. The Aztecs believed that if a woman looked into the moon while pregnant, her child would be born with a cleft palate.
  • Avoid weddings. If you’re a pregnant woman living in China, chances are that you’ll be RSVPing “no” to that summer wedding—at least if you believe in tradition. An ancient Chinese superstition says that the presence of a new bride and an expectant mother in the same room will cause a clash of “qi energy.” The result of this clash is said to fall upon the unborn child, who will be born with the curse of bad luck.
  • Don’t open those gifts. Some cultures consider it bad luck to receive or open gifts for a new baby before he or she is born. In Orthodox Jewish culture, a mother may not open any gifts for the baby until she gives birth to her child. This is because tradition states that opening gifts and flaunting happiness before the baby has arrived can cause the universe to cause misfortune for the family.

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