The 2016 Fall Season Has Arrived, and So Has Pumpkin Everything!

No matter what you might think, there is no denying that overall, the fall season is beautiful. The vibrant colors of the trees and foliage create breathtaking landscapes. The cool temperatures inspire a style of comfort cooking not seen during the summer and spring months.

Plus, every October (and now even September) restaurants and coffee shops around the country begin offering pumpkin-flavored treats. Certain foods and beverages have become somewhat of a fall staple. For example, the pumpkin-favored lattes are an American favorite. However, pumpkin has made its way into everything from potato chips and pasta to chocolate and brownies. With the overpowering presence of pumpkin as an ingredient in the fall months, we here at Village Catering often wonder if people truly love the taste of pumpkins.

There is no debating that pumpkin-inspired foods sell like crazy throughout the fall. However, is it really the flavor of pumpkin that people are craving? How many people are jumping at the chance to eat the remains of pumpkins after a Halloween carving session? The truth is pumpkin-flavored foods actually encompass ingredients that many people enjoy all year around. In fact, most pumpkin-flavored food items have little or no actual pumpkin at all. The pumpkin flavoring that Americans have grown to love is typically composed of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, and a touch of salt.

Some people may feel violated and others not so surprised about the lack of actual pumpkin in these autumn goodies. However, the end result is that most of us love the flavors that accompany the fall, and we should embrace the creativity that comes with the season. We here at Village Catering have been offering catering services in the Philadelphia, PA area for years, and you can rest assured we love seasonally-inspired menus. Whether you and your fiancé are looking to have a wedding with some pumpkin-flavored foods, or you are holding a birthday party and want some pumpkin donuts, we here at Village Catering will do all that we can to accommodate.

To learn more about how you can customize your catering menu with us, please feel free to call or email us at any time.