2 Tips On How To Make Sweet Sixteen Party Planning Easy

For many girls, a sweet 16 party is probably one of the biggest moments in their lives (aside from their wedding of course.)

Why Are Sweet 16 Parties So Important These days?

Apart from MTV’s “My Super Sweet Sixteen” glamorizing these types of events to be an ultra-spectacular affair, for many girls—it is a celebration of a milestone.  It is a birthday party where they can celebrate finally turning into a young adult.  Not to mention, it is also a formal (or informal) occasion where they have a chance to buy a fancy dress, shoes, get their hair done and dance the night away with friends and family all around them!

However, while these events are fun to attend, they can be a headache to plan for the girl’s parent(s) or guardian(s).

Therefore, for those who are looking for some tips on how to make the sweet sixteen party planning process easy, here are two things we suggest:

Book The Venue At least 6 Months Ahead of Time!

While researching this topic, we found many articles that suggest booking 2-3 months ahead of time.  However, we highly suggest doing it as far ahead as you possibly can.  Why book ahead?  If you want to have the party hosted at a banquet hall, you need to think about all of the weddings or other events that may already be scheduled at the venue.  Plus, planning as far as you can ahead will also ensure that you get the date closest to the one that you want.  Last but not least, having the venue months beforehand will make the other elements of the event a lot easier to plan out and coordinate.  After all, if you do not have a place to host the party, you cannot start searching for a DJ, the food, send out the invites etc.

Work With The Birthday Girl To Pick Out The Right Entertainment!

Aside from the venue, the dress and the food, one thing that will be at the top of the birthday girl’s list to coordinate is the entertainment.  Also, the key to any successful party will be just how good or bad the entertainment is.  Therefore, before taking it upon yourself to hire a DJ, band or both, ask the birthday girl what she prefers.  Even though you are ultimately making all of the financial decisions, she should have some say.  Also, she should be helping you plan the party in the first place, the last thing you want us to plan the entire event yourself and then have her moaning and groaning over how she “hates everything!”

We at Village Catering know all about planning sweet 16 parties, and have everything needed to make the event perfect.  We even have our own sweet 16 banquet hall in Philadelphia that can also serve as the ideal venue for your event!  To hear more about how we can help, please reach out to us today!