2 Different & Delicious Valentine’s Day School Treat Ideas

In many elementary schools throughout the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by having every one of the children (or those who participate) fill out and bring in Valentine’s Day cards, candies, or treats for their classmates.  We know that most parents do the writing and the organizing of their child’s Valentine’s Day cards and treats, therefore those of you that are tired of buying candy hearts, lollipops, Tootsie rolls, or store made and brought cupcakes etc., we at Village Catering thought it would be great to give you a couple other scrumptious alternatives.  Better yet, you can even make it a joint venture to make and bake these delicious treats with your son or daughter!

As a side note, many of the treats below we found listed on AllRecipes.com.  You can view a complete list of all of the ingredients as well as the directions directly on their website.

Lollipop Cookies

Lollipops are often the easiest Valentine’s Day gift to give a child.  You can just buy a bag of them and wala—you have a bag of candy to ship off with your child to school that day.  However, if you want to take lollipops to the next level you should try making Lollipop Cookies.  It’s important to note for this particular treat that you need to soak the sticks, much like you would soak sticks for Shish Kabobs.  Also, aside from making the lollipops look like cake balls in the picture below:

You can make them in the shapes of hearts to represent Valentine’s Day.  While the recipe we saw on AllRecipes.com called for white chocolate, that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute your favorite type of chocolate instead!

Love Letter Cookies

While having a treat for your child’s classmates is often only ever an option, some make it mandatory—and most optional—to have your child bring in Valentine’s Day cards.  Giving Valentine’s Day Cards and Letters are the staple of any Valentine’s Day.  Therefore, if you want to make it interesting and blend the idea of a card and a cookie together, try baking some Love Letter Cookies.  AllReceipes.com details this particular treat as being all done and ready to serve in less than forty minutes.  However, the trick to this recipe will be folding the ends over to have the cookies resemble envelopes.  Once that task is done you can seal the envelope with a little piece of a candied cherry!