Why Do People Go Vegetarian?


Bacon, cheeseburgers, pizza with sausage on it — some of Americans’ favorite dishes are loaded with meat of all kinds. If you’re a meat-eater, you might wonder why someone would choose to give up some of these delicious dishes in favor of tofu and garden salads. At Village Catering, we know that the truth is that there are many different reasons why someone might choose the vegetarian lifestyle, including:

  • Ethical concerns. Many vegetarians choose not to eat meat because they don’t like the way animals are farmed and raised before slaughter. Some vegetarians have a problem with factory farming in particular, which crams together large herds of animals in unsanitary conditions. One sect of vegetarians (called “vegans”) don’t consume any kind of animal products at all for ethical and health-related reasons.
  • Religious teachings. Some religions dictate that mankind has a duty to protect and care for all of the creatures on Earth. Many sects of Hinduism and Buddhism forbid the consumption of meat under their religious teachings of non-violence.
  • Health reasons. Some vegetarians make the switch because they believe that a plant-based diet is healthier and more effective for weight-loss. Per serving, most meats have more calories and require more oil to cook than tofu and other plant-based protein sources. Vegetarians may focus on consuming less fat to improve their cholesterol or prevent high cholesterol levels in the future.
  • Environmental concerns. Some vegetarians avoid meat because they’re concerned about the impact that eating meat has on the environment. These vegetarians also often try to reduce their carbon footprint in other ways as well, including driving less, carpooling to work when they can, and using less water during their showers.

No matter if you’re a strict vegan or you love to eat every type of food, Village Catering has the delicious food you need at your next event. Contact our team today to learn more or get started today!