Village Catering Loves a Good New Year’s Eve Party

December is undoubtedly one of the best months of the year. Although we have to deal with an intermittent snow storm and some uncomfortably cold days, December represents a time of year where families and friends gather together. The holiday season is full of fun, giving, and most importantly great parties! Various holiday parties are thrown throughout the month of December. However, one party is always bigger than the rest and that is the New Year’s Eve bash. Village Catering and the Giannone family know how to throw a great party; New Year’s Eve is no different.

For the last thirty years, Village Catering has proudly served the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area. Along with a full-service restauraunt and banquet hall, Village Catering hosts a variety of off-site catering events. New Year’s Eve is the last party of the year. Every year, hosts and hostesses across the United States come up with creative ideas for New Year’s Eve themed food ideas. Village Catering appreciates a novel idea for a New Year’s Eve party. One of Village Catering’s favorite ideas over the last few years is the cake or cupcake with a clock that has struck 12 o’clock.

Whatever creative ideas a host or hostess may come up with, they don’t have to do everything themselves. Village Catering is more than happy to help cater a New Year’s Eve party. Whether it is a full buffet or a few sandwich trays, Village Catering has an option for everyone. This New Year’s Eve, focus your attention on the creative side of a party and let Village Catering do the rest.