Tips to Help You Plan a Wonderful Wedding Menu

The food and beverages available throughout your wedding not only keep the party going, but they can also add personality to your special day. While narrowing down the food and beverage menus will be a piece of cake for some couples, others might have a difficult time determining what they will serve.

If you’re having trouble planning your food and beverage menus, here are some tips that may make it easier:

Your Budget Will Dictate What CAN Be Served and So Will How Many Guests You Plan On Having.

Most couples plan a wedding on a budget. So, it’s important that you and your fiancé determine what the budget for your food and beverages will be. Once you know your budget (along with a rough head count), you can start narrowing down with your caterer what you can serve.

Do Consider Allergies and Dietary Restrictions.

Even though it’s your wedding and you can eat and drink whatever you want, it’s important that you consider your guests with peanut or shellfish allergies, or on a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, etc. If you can narrow down how many people have allergies beforehand, your caterer can make sure you have options those guests can also enjoy, and thus won’t make your wedding seem like a drag.

Consider Seasonal and Local Dishes.

If you’re having a winter wedding, a light pasta salad may not go over as well as one with a heavy and creamy tomato sauce. If you’re getting married in the middle of summer, you may want to consider fresh seafood and ice cream for dessert. When it all comes down to it, if you think seasonal and local, the food and beverages might just add to the style and personality of your wedding.

As wedding caterers that have served many Philadelphia couples over the years, you can rest assured that we can help you to create the most wonderful wedding menu possible, as there are many additional ways aside from the ones we mentioned above! To learn more about our wedding catering services available in the Greater Philadelphia area, please browse our site, fill out a contact form, or call us today.