Post 4th of July Diet and Exercise Tips

So all of the hamburgers and hot dogs have been eaten, the firework display is over, and you are on your way back to work after a relaxing weekend off.  You may have noticed you have gained a couple of pounds after chomping down BBQ’d food and drinking ice cold beers during your 4th of July party.

Here are some easy tips to get back into a healthy groove, drop the holiday weight gain, and gain back your lean physique.

Choose a leaner meat

After the traditional mainstays of any BBQ, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, choose a leaner cut of meat such as a tuna steak, chicken or white meat turkey, lean grass fed ground beef or flank steak.  If you are vegetarian, use a nice slice of portabella mushroom instead.

Try to skip the white bread

White bread can pack on unwanted calories and doesn’t carry any real nutritional value. Go with the whole wheat option of bread or rolls that are filled with whole grain and complex carbs.  If you feel adventurous, go bun less and wrap a piece of lettuce around your protein source.

Begin to love your veggies again

Vegetables are important to any diet or weight loss program and essential to live a healthy lifestyle. Begin by incorporating veggies into your meal whether its summer salad, extra fun toppings on your burger or a side of grilled vegetable skewers.  If you are short of time and don’t know how to cook properly with your vegetables, by frozen vegetables.  Any source of vegetable is better than none.  Be sure not to use too many condiments or dressings with your greens, because the fat and sugary content will defeat the whole purpose of eating cleaner.

If you’re boozing, you’re losing

I know this may make me seem like an enemy to many, but try to cut out some of the alcohol and drink non sweetened ice teas and water. If you are at the bar or club, try to drink a light white wine, or a vodka water.  The water in this drink will keep you somewhat hydrated throughout the night. Mixed drinks, although they may taste amazing, can be high of sugar and unwanted carbohydrates which can kill your physique.

As far as exercising is concerned, make sure you do at least a half hour of activity a day, whether it is walking, running, or weight training.  Also, this is the perfect time of year to use that pool of yours and swimming is one of the best exercises for cardio.

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