How to Make a Wedding Hangover Kit

A wedding ceremony is always something to celebrate! But the next morning can be a struggle if you and your guests celebrate a little too much and overindulge on your open bar. Providing guests with a “wedding hangover kit” can make the morning after your reception a little easier. Here are a few essential items to include in your kit.

  • Include water bottles: Alcohol removes water from the body, so having water handy for the morning after the wedding is wise planning. Refrain from choosing flavored water or enhanced water — normal water will be best for rehydration after a night of drinking.
  • Provide earplugs: Partiers are inherently noisy, especially after having enjoyed a few drinks. Guests who want to get some sleep will appreciate having earplugs handy to block out persistent revelers.
  • Pack stomach medicine: The combination of a wedding feast and drinks can lead to upset stomachs the day after the wedding. Over-the-counter stomach medicines that treat multiple symptoms can help settle queasy stomachs.
  • Pack painkillers: Guests who overdo it at the wedding may find themselves with headaches and body aches the next morning. Having an over-the-counter painkiller handy will help guests in pain get on with their day.
  • Include either coffee or a way to get coffee: After proper hydration, drowsy guests may need a pick-me-up, especially if they did not get sufficient sleep the night before. A bottle of cold-brew coffee or a gift card for a nearby coffee shop can give the drowsy guest the caffeine boost that they need to start the day right.

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