Fun Ideas For Easter

Are you hosting Easter dinner, or just looking for some fun ways to celebrate? Here’s a couple of fun and simple ideas that take Easter traditions and add a little twist to make the day just a little more special!

Dessert: What dessert is more perfect for Easter than carrot cake? Not only does the Easter Bunny love carrots but your tummy will too! Use your favorite carrot cake recipe but make it better by baking the cake, then before frosting use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes, like bunnies. Now you have the perfect single serving cakes for everyone!

Egg Dying: If you dye Easter eggs every year we have some neat ideas for making them even more fun. Put a spin on traditional egg dying by cutting out rabbit ears and drawing faces on the eggs to make them look like bunnies. Or hard-boil the eggs, then decorate them with names and fun designs to turn them into fun, individualized table place settings.

Easter Baskets: It’s always exciting to wake up Easter morning and see what’ s in your Easter basket – but add a little more excitement by making a scavenger hunt that leads to the baskets. Start with a clue or riddle that will lead to the next and bring the kids along a path in search of their hidden basket.

Table Setting: Looking for an idea to make your table a little more attractive? Use cloth napkins and fold them to look like a bunny! There’s many tutorials that can be found online and it’s a fun and simple way to add just a little more flair to your preparations.