Etiquette For A Funeral Luncheon

A death in the family or of another loved is always a difficult time. The wake, funeral proceedings, and other ceremonies are sad affairs. Because a majority of funerals take place in the morning, it’s routine for the deceased’s family to host an informal luncheon afterward, which is a more pleasant way to end the day. Guests can share their grief while enjoying a meal, and one another’s company as they go through this tough time together. Here are some tips on etiquette when attending a funeral luncheon.

  • Show respect

An informal gathering where food is served is obviously more relaxed than a funeral. You can loosen up a bit as long as you remain polite and respectful of other’s feelings. Hold conversations with the other guests in your position. It is acceptable to laugh a little, especially when sharing good memories of the departed, just not too loud.

  • Eat

The food is there for a reason. Refraining from eating it out of fear of being disrespectful is foolish. Essentially, having it all go to waste would simply be disrespectful. You’re allowed to enjoy it, that’s why it is there. It’s a nice way to connect with other guests who are also in mourning.

  • Make Sure You Are Welcome

If you aren’t a close family member, you’ll want to identify if the luncheon is invitation only or not. Sometimes, not everyone that attends the funeral is invited to the reception. There isn’t a rule for this that is set in stone. If you weren’t personally invited, pay attention during the service. They will usually announce if everyone is welcome. Otherwise, ask the funeral director if you aren’t sure. It might be awkward to directly ask the family, particularly if it isn’t open to all.

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