Corporate Event Catering Ideas

Whether you are planning to cater for a meeting, awards ceremony, product launch or employee training, you can provide a food experience that can help guests eat healthier, try different cuisines, or even receive details about your company, product and image.

Healthy Options

The next time your company is catering a working lunch or employee brainstorming session, consider providing the attendees a buffet of healthy options instead of the traditional carb-filled office treats. Healthy lunch and snack options don’t have to be a boring. Start by serving a salad buffet instead of the high-fat mayonnaise-filled sandwiches, or baked chips and almonds over cheese-dusted corn chips. Your employees will also enjoy a small serving of dark chocolate to end the meal. Make sure to consult with the restaurant you are ordering from or ask for suggestions from the catering company about their healthiest options and where you may be able to make wise choices.

Around the World

Choose one country, for example, Switzerland, and base your catering around the food from that specific area, such as hot chocolate and thick cheeses. You can even make your catering multi-cultural, offering a first course from one country such as Mexican enchiladas, with the main dish consisting of French crepes or German schnitzel, and then finishing with a dessert from the United States, like apple pie.

Corporate Style

You can also cater a memorable meal by using your company as a theme and the inspiration for the food. Begin by using your company’s main color as the basis for all the foods served at the event. For example, companies with a red logo will find easy inspiration using strawberries, pasta sauces and licorice twists. While companies with a blue logo may ask their caterer to add drops of blue food coloring to ice cream, bread dough and even potatoes. To complete the theme request matching colored plates, cups and flatware. Remember to have fun with the endless possibilities.