Why Consider Having Your Wedding in the Fall?

October is the new June! Village Catering loves weddings in every season, but we’ve noticed that there are some distinct advantages to having your wedding in the fall. If you haven’t decided when you want to hold your wedding, consider the benefits of having a marriage in the fall, including:

  • The beautiful backdrop of fall. In most parts of the United States, fall is the season in which the leaves begin to turn beautiful shades of orange and red before falling off the trees. If you’re planning on holding an outdoor wedding, you can let Mother Nature be your decorator! With the smell of crunching leaves and fresh pine flavoring your wedding, taking full advantage of the fall season can help take your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • The lowered chance of rain. Summer is considered the rainiest season right behind spring. One of the worst things that can happen to your wedding plans is to get rained out! Even if your wedding isn’t being held outside, rain can still ruin your dress, make your guests late to the venue, or even destroy your hairstyle. When you hold your wedding in the fall, there’s less of a chance of having rain on your big day.
  • Saving your style. In the autumn season, there’s much less humidity than the spring or summer, meaning that you’ll have to use less hairspray to lock in your hair. Humidity can break down even the most polished hairstyle, and if your photographer is getting group photos at the end of the event, you might see your hair fall flat over the course of the evening. With a fall wedding, you won’t have to worry about packing extra hairspray in your bag.
  • Harvest season flavors. Fall is the season for fresh fruits. In the fall, you can incorporate some in-season flavors like figs or apples for a unique and fresh dessert menu.

To book your wedding in the fall with Village Catering, please feel free to call us at any time!