How to Choose Your Wedding Cake Flavors

Does just the thought of wedding cake make your mouth water? If you have a sweet tooth, then deciding on the perfect wedding cake can be a much-loved part of your wedding preparation. At Village Catering, we know that sampling delectable sweets and tantalizing frostings are a wedding dream come true, so have at it and enjoy. If making a final decision is difficult, or if your spouse has other ideas in mind, don’t fret. Village Catering has five tips to help you choose the best wedding cake flavor for you.

1. Check around.

One of the best ways to choose the best wedding cake flavor is by calling around to different bakeries and reading reviews. Nowadays, a quick Yelp search can give you all kinds of feedback about the goodies at local bakeries. Find a baker that you can vibe with and then schedule a few tastings. You might be surprised to discover that a flavor you never even considered is now in the running for your big day. Go with it and have fun.

2. Go with the season.

Is your wedding day in the spring or the summer? You might want to consider a tart lemon-flavored cake or maybe a strawberry shortcake. If your wedding is in the fall, then think about a cinnamon pumpkin cake that’s coated in hand-frosted leaves. By sticking with seasonal flavors, your cake choice is sure to be a mouth-watering hit.

3. Layer it on.

Having a tough time narrowing it down to just one flavor? Why not consider adding a couple layers? If you can’t decide on just one flavor, layering the confection is a simple solution. Speak to your bakers and let them help you come up with an incredible, tasty creation.

4. Don’t leave out the frosting.

Some people think that the frosting is what really makes the cake. Don’t forget to think about what kind of frosting you’ll choose for your big day and spend some time going over all of your options. Do you want a buttercream, ganache, or a fondant?

5. Get detailed.

Even the simplest additions can really dress up your cake, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to think about the details. Don’t be afraid to try interesting toppings like fruits, nuts, and liquors, as well.

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