5 Ways to Update Your Wedding to Represent Your Millennial Spirit

Since the rise of millennials, social media has become a staple in the way people communicate with each other, share their lives, passions, and special occasions. Millennials, who are people in their twenties and early thirties, have been shifting the way traditional things are done. Now, they even have new twists on weddings.

For example, staying budget-friendly is key to almost any millennial wedding. Designing and picking the perfect Snapchat or Instagram filters are taking over the painstaking search for a wedding photographer, allowing all of your guests to act as if they were professional wedding photographers. You can even customize the food menu for your event, and if you live in PA, Village Catering will be happy to provide wedding catering services for you. We also have a wedding reception hall in Pennsylvania that would be perfect for more intimate weddings.

Below is a list of ways Millennials are shaking up the wedding industry:

  1. Putting new spins on old traditions

Colorful gowns used to be only for the bridesmaids, but now, brides are also choosing to wear them. Couples are also infusing their personalities into their weddings. If you and your partner love to read, try having your wedding at a library or having people read your favorite romantic passages at your ceremony.  You can also change up the food you have at your wedding. At Village Catering, you can customize a menu that shapes you and your partner’s personalities and favorites.

  1. Sharing on social media

If your guests are using Snapchat or Instagram for your wedding, you can try starting a wedding hashtag on Twitter as another way to engage them. Couples are also using the photos taken and putting them into an app like Flipgram to turn the photos into a wedding video. If you are into live streaming, you can use apps like Periscope to stream your wedding from start to finish. Asking your guests to participate in making memories frees up your budget and also allows you to focus on more important things like food. Village Catering is happy to cater an event to your specifications.

  1. It’s about the experience, not the event

Millennials love to travel, whether it’s for a job, weekend outing, or vacation. Just like you would stretch out a fun weekend to four days, especially over a holiday weekend, couples are stretching out their wedding celebration for two or three days. Whether you’d like to extend your special day or not, choose us at Village Catering to help plan and cater your wedding weekend celebration. We’ll work with you to provide a variety of food for you and your guests.

  1. Technology, just like the wedding party, plays a significant role

If nothing else, millennials love to make a night last. Putting phone charging stations at your reception venue can keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Couples are also using apps to RSVP and are providing their guests with digital maps so that they can find their way to their hotel. You can also incorporate technology into your decor by adding marquee lighting or providing laptops so that your guests can be connected all night. Even sending the menu via an online invitation can help your guests easily choose their favorite items.

  1. Designing an event that is worthy of Pinterest and Instagram

Because of the multitude of wedding Pinterest and Instagram pictures, millennials can craft their special day and make sure it looks gorgeous.

In the end, it comes down to what you want your special day to embody. From the flowers to the food, you’ll want everything to be every bit of what you represent as a couple. By making all these updates to the classics, you can create a day full of memories. If you are a foodie and live in the Northeast and Southeastern PA, Village Catering is available to cater your wedding at whatever location you would like down to the smallest, unique detail.  Village Catering is the foremost wedding catering company in Philadelphia and surrounding areas and has one of the best wedding reception halls in Pennsylvania.

To plan your next event and customize your wedding, contact Village Catering at 215-437-3337.