5 Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Scouring local baby shower halls can be rough — but when you find the right place, your next step is figuring out all the details. Why go with the traditional? After all, your baby is going to be unique, so make your baby shower unique, too. Here are some great ideas to make your baby shower as unique as your little one is sure to be.

  • Have an advice shower. Many people would love nothing more than to share advice with the new parents. So, why not make that part of the shower? You can have people put advice in an album, record interviews, or even record video of guests offering the new parent some helpful advice.
  • Host a spa baby shower. Moms (and dads) need a little pampering before the baby arrives. Use your shower to give manicures, pedicures, and spa facials to help everyone feel their best!
  • Have a craft shower. Many parents love the idea of bringing home something unique from the shower. Why not have everyone work on a craft that can go on the wall for the baby?
  • Have your baby shower outdoors. While a baby shower inside a luxurious hall may be traditional, a shower held outside under a pergola is a quaint and lovable option! Just get some off-premise catering near Northeast Philadelphia to cover the food and your day is good to go.
  • Opt for a nighttime shower. Most people choose a brunch or early afternoon time frame for their showers. A nighttime shower is a fun and exciting option for anyone who enjoys longer meals. Even if you stay in and watch movies at your shower, you will still have a night to remember.

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