5 Tips to Help Athletes Build More Muscle

Building muscle is crucial for success in most sports. Improved muscle mass can help a track athlete throw a javelin farther, a sprinter maintain his or her maximum speed for longer without getting worn out, and a lineman stop his opponent more effectively. As the spring sports season approaches, use these five tips to help improve athletes’ muscle-building this year.

  • Increase rep volume. When athletes are lifting weights, encourage them to increase the number of sets and reps they do over time. This will help encourage hypertrophy, which is the key to improved muscle growth.
  • Reduce rest periods. In order to grow out of their comfort zone, muscles need to be pushed to their limits. Reduce athletes’ rest periods between sets to about 60 to 90 seconds; this will give muscles enough time to recover but will still leave them tired enough to facilitate muscle growth.
  • Choose your workout meals carefully. Studies have shown that consuming adequate protein and carbohydrates both before a workout and within 60 minutes of ending a workout helps athletes build more muscle and recover more effectively. If your team is training on the road, athletic caterers like Village Catering can provide delicious and nutritious meals packed with protein and complex carbohydrates for more effective workouts.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Muscles grow and recovery while athletes sleep. Encourage athletes to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, especially after a hard workout.
  • Grab a snack before bed. Because muscles grow at night, having a small protein-packed snack before bed can help build more effectively. Athletes should eat about 30 grams of protein before bed—a small cup of cottage cheese or some peanut butter on celery sticks are both delicious and nutritious ways to meet that goal.

As the official caterers of the Temple University Owls and the Philadelphia Soul, Village Catering knows that to a serious athlete, food isn’t just tasty—it’s fuel for a performance, a workout, or a game. To learn more about how our athletic catering menus can help your team achieve success this season, give us a call today at 215-437-3337.