5 Tips for Throwing a COVID-Safe Birthday Party

Whether you are planning a party at home or one of the outstanding banquet halls in Bensalem, you need to make sure your party is safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Here are five tips to make this birthday special and safe.

  1. Adhere to CDC guidelines: Trim the guest list to fall below the maximum number of attendants permitted for an in-person gathering. Arrange tables, booths, and similar gathering areas to encourage guests to maintain a six-foot distance from each other. Ensure that there are hand sanitizer dispensers and disposable masks available to the guests. Our banquet halls in Northeast Philadelphia and Bensalem prioritize the safety of their guests and will follow CDC guidelines in their events.
  2. Be mindful of your “quarantine bubble”: Urge any potential guest who feels ill to RSVP “no” and stay at home. Do not invite high-risk guests unless arrangements can be made for them to attend virtually via a video conferencing application.
  3. Provide food and beverages in single servings: Avoid serving “community” foods such as buffets and large cakes. Provide guests with their own individualized meals and snacks and name-labeled beverages. In lieu of cake, consider single-serving desserts such as cupcakes, cookies, or pre-wrapped candies.
  4. Hire a virtual entertainer: There are several comedians, musicians, and performers that can entertain a crowd using video conferencing applications. Coordinate with the guest of honor to find and schedule a virtual entertainer for the birthday party.
  5. Hire a caterer to bring the party to homes: Food preparation companies are considered as essential services, and they have adapted their preparation and delivery methods to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID-19. Having a caterer deliver food to guests can make a party easier and more enjoyable for the attendees. Village Catering is ready to provide a variety of meals – ranging from boxed lunches to full-course feasts – and deliver them to our customers’ homes.

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