5 Things to Consider When Booking Your Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a rehearsal dinner but not sure where to begin? If you’ve got an upcoming wedding and you want to have a successful rehearsal dinner, then you’ll need to make sure your preparations are in place. Planning a rehearsal dinner can be both overwhelming and stressful, but at Village Catering we help you relax and enjoy the planning process. Village Catering is eager to help you make the most of this exciting time by offering five tips for booking the most stress-free rehearsal dinner ever.

  1. Think about the location.

If you’re on the search for wedding caterers in Philadelphia, look no further than Village Catering. We can help you get that rehearsal dinner together in no time. Our first tip? Be mindful of the location of the rehearsal dinner. We generally advise couples to start thinking about location at least six months before the wedding. Keep in mind other events and holidays that might be happening around the same time. Will your guess need extra time to account for traffic and accommodations?

  1. Consider the ambiance

One tip that we share at Village Catering is to try out the venue before booking the actual rehearsal dinner. Do you like the wait-staff? Is the lighting adequate? Do you feel comfortable or cramped? Is there anything that could be improved about the food or the service? Is it too noisy or not chic enough?

  1. Know your numbers

It’s important to think about the size of your wedding rehearsal dinner party. Are you expecting a dozen guests? Fifty? Make sure that you know what to expect before the night of the dinner, and be ready to make changes if some members of your party are absent. At Village Catering, we enjoy helping couples make their rehearsal dinner as relaxing as possible. Our exceptional catering services will allow you and your wedding party to enjoy commemorating the special day. Decide if your rehearsal dinner is going to be private or semi-private.     

  1. Contemplate the menu

Especially with the number of food allergies that are present nowadays, it’s important to have a menu that will accommodate a wide range of dietary needs. Make sure that you’ve thought about the food preferences and restrictions for everyone who will be attending your wedding rehearsal dinner. It is always appreciated when hosts and hostesses have a thoughtful menu put together for their guests.  

  1. Keep it simple

Don’t forget that the rehearsal dinner is just one piece of the entire wedding. Don’t overdo yourself with unnecessary decorations or over-the-top extras. For example, you probably don’t need to get candles, flower arrangements or place cards. When you need to find the best wedding caterers in Philadelphia, Village Catering offers professional service and quality care.