5 Popular Wedding Themes for Fall

It’s fall, and wedding season has begun. Fall brings with it the warm, earthy colors that are inspired from the fiery red and blazing orange autumn foliage. When we think of fall we think of pumpkins, cider, apples, acorns, and gourds. If your wedding is in the fall, it’s a great idea to bring those colors, flavors, and ideas into your themes. The fall themes are everything from playful to elegant and everything in between. Being able to transfer these fall themes into your decor will truly make your wedding special and different. Wedding caterers and planners in Philadelphia like Village Catering will make sure your fall themes are incorporated in every aspect of your wedding down to the menu choices. Here are the top 5 wedding themes for fall:


Back-To-School reminds you of your very first day of school, parents meetings, and Homecoming. How about incorporating this exciting time into your wedding? This theme brings nostalgia and charm. You can even place apples on your welcome table and use them as photo holders that showcase your pictures as a couple and your childhood years. If you wanted to focus on the classroom, you can have your favorite school books on each of your tables with a miniature chalkboard with the table numbers written on it. When you are decorating your buffet tables, think of the school lunchroom. Have bottles of Coke-a-Cola and wrapped sandwiches on your table on top of wool blankets that pick up the fall football games.

Fall Leaves

What is more telling of the beginning of fall then the changing of the leaves? Those red, orange, and golden leaves provide the basis for your color themes. The fall leaves are perfect for those areas like Pennsylvania, which is fortunate enough to see the changing of the seasons each year. Have us work with you on incorporating fall leaves into your wedding theme during the fall season. Village Catering has been a top wedding catering company in Philadelphia and surrounding areas for many years, and we have worked with couples in creating many specialized wedding themes. If you want a sophisticated look, you can spray paint the leaves gold and have them hanging as an installation or strewn on your tables. You can even have them as place cards. If you are having a more intimate wedding, you can place the fall leaves at the bottom of large candle holders and have them glimmer against the candlelight all evening.


October celebrates that spooky and eerie holiday, Halloween. For a Halloween themed wedding, try to stay away from the gore that is celebrated in so many horror movies and instead focus on color scheme. Have black for the majority of your color scheme and just ad touches of red.  If you are interested in adding a touch of Gothic, you can have red roses as centerpieces for each of your tables with some black accents. If you are a lover of spooky literature like Edgar Allen Poe, try adding ravens on your tables and pair them with candles and glittery table numbers.  If you are interested in a more whimsical theme, try adding purple into your decor. Black candelabras with purple candles is sure to provide a more intimate mood.

Jewel Toned Inspiration and Sophistication

Using deep toned jewel colors like amber, sapphire, emerald, and garnet add a more rich and sophisticated atmosphere to your decor. Try adding a classical fall fabric like herringbone to your table decor. Creating flowers out of the herringbone fabric will complement the garnet color of the wine glasses. You can find a lot of these jewel toned glassware and other table accoutrements at estate sales and thrift stores, which allows you to save money.

Fall Harvest

With the introduction of pumpkins and wheat, the Harvest season has truly begun. Try adding these touches into your table decor. You could have wheat centerpieces and a charity wedding favor nestled in the middle of nut.  You can also choose to add pumpkins, squash, candles, and sunflowers to your tables and keep it classic, or you can go more sophisticated and have white pumpkins contrasted with the richness of red and purple berries.

Whatever fall theme excites you, be sure to choose a wedding caterer, planner, and venue that will work with you to incorporate these themes into your decor. If you are looking for a wedding caterer in Philadelphia or the surrounding areas, check out Village Catering. We have been in business for over 30 years and we are experienced and will be dedicated to your wedding vision. We will work with you on everything from the decor to customizing a perfect fall menu for your special occasion!