5 People to Thank After Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably already busy taste-testing wedding cakes and researching reception venues in Philadelphia to find your perfect match. While the bulk of the work will be done before you say “I do,” there are still a few loose ends you’ll need to tie up after the ceremony — including sending “thank you” cards. While thank you cards might seem a bit old-fashioned, they’re an affordable and easy way to appreciate the people who made your wedding special. Here are five people you should send thank you cards to after your wedding.

  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bridesmaids and groomsmen do a lot of hard work before the ceremony. Be sure to thank them with a card and a small token of your appreciation. A photo of you together is the perfect personalized touch.
  • Your parents. You probably thanked your parents for their help at your wedding — but sending a card is still proper etiquette. If your ceremony included a step-parent or grandparent, be sure to send a card to them, as well.
  • Your guests. It’s not necessary to send a thank you to every guest who attended your ceremony. However, you should send a personalized card to everyone who gave you and your spouse a gift.
  • Your wedding planner. Wedding planners spend months making sure everything is perfect for your big day. Thank your wedding planner properly with a handwritten thank you card.
  • Your officiant. Your officiant, priest, or minister who helped you complete your vows deserves appreciation, as well. Though this is a paid service, most couples do choose to send their officiant a photo and thank you card after their wedding.

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