5 Fun Spring Theme Ideas for Corporate Events

Spring is a season that’s not only associated with flowers and sunshine, but also for bringing people together for events and occasions.  As you think ahead to a corporate event in the spring, keep Village Catering in mind.  We can help you with whatever corporate event you host; we’ve got an abundance of ideas.  Whether you’re planning an indoor or an outdoor event, Village Catering has five fun spring themes that are sure to be hits during the season:

  1. April showers theme

Bring on the colorful, cheerful decorations with this theme.  You have an abundance of options when it comes to decor, but why not consider a spin on the bridal shower theme with an April shower them, instead?  You can use rain-inspired decorations and even play some video footage from the classic “Singin’ in the Rain.”  You can add tiny umbrellas to your guests’ chairs and even add some spring flowers (such as tulips or daffodils) to the centerpieces.  If you need a little help getting started, then call Village Catering.  We can help you plan a successful corporate event, no matter what theme you choose.

  1. Easter parade theme

Your employees will love having the opportunity to get dressed up for a corporate Easter parade.  Have an Easter hat contest and offer a great prize (like a two-day vacation, etc.) for the winner.  You could even have a flower-decorating competition for those who like a good challenge.  At Village Catering, we encourage our clients to get creative and to have some fun with the planning process.

  1. Mardi Gras theme

You can get really creative with a Mardi Gras theme.  Think about how much fun your employees will have when they know they can get dressed up and have fun at your next corporate event.  There are a lot of modifications to this idea, like Caribbean Carnival or an Italian masquerade.  Find out more about a specific cultural Carnival event and then build off of that.  Then, let Village Catering take care of the menu.  We’ve got a host of delicious options that will leave your guests more than satisfied.

  1. Cherry blossom theme

Village Catering can help you create any menu that you want for your corporate event, including a cherry blossom themed corporate event.  Cherry blossom festivals are celebrated in certain parts of the world every spring, and they bring hundreds of people together to celebrate the change of the seasons.  Think about ways that you can incorporate cherry tree decor or lilac tree backdrops to make this theme really pop at your next corporate event.

  1. Spring Break theme

Remember how much fun Spring Break was when you were in college?  Why not host a corporate Spring Break at your next big event?  Whether you have a team-building event scheduled or a professional development event on the calendar, Village Catering can help you make it successful.  Bring lounge chairs and beach umbrellas to your venue and set up a huge radio for music.  Blow up some beach balls and have a blast.

For more corporate event ideas, give us a call at 215-437-3337!