5 Common Cooking Mistakes You Might Be Making


Does the food you make at home never taste quite as good as the food you order at your favorite restaurant? Do you follow recipes to the letter—but still end up with food that tastes a bit off? At Village Catering, we know that cooking is hard work, especially if you’re still getting the hang of using beginner tools and methods. Before you start your next recipe, make sure you aren’t making these five common beginner cooking errors.

  • Using the same cups to measure everything. Do you know the difference between liquid and solid measuring cups? If not, you might be adding too much or too little of certain ingredients. Invest in a liquid measuring cup as well as a set of solid measuring cups and keep them handy.
  • Not brining your chicken. The secret to restaurant-quality, juicy chicken? Brining! Brines don’t have to be complicated—mix together one half cup kosher salt and a half cup brown sugar, dissolve them together in a large pot, and allow your chicken to marinade for up to 24 hours before cooking. You’ll be able to taste the difference!
  • Putting hot food in a cold fridge. Putting hot food directly in your fridge before it has time to cool can cause bacteria to multiply. Allow your leftovers to fully cool before transferring them to the fridge.
  • Adding garlic too early. Everyone loves the smell of cooking garlic—but unfortunately, garlic is also very easy to burn. Add garlic close to the end of your recipe to avoid an unexpected bitter flavor.
  • Not allowing your meat to rest after cooking. Resting your meat for at least ten minutes after it is taken off the heat will allow residual cooking to “seal in” the juicy flavors you’re looking for. This is especially important when cooking steak!

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