4 Things to Keep in Mind as You Plan Your Off-site Wedding

For multiple couples, one of the most important aspects of their weddings (aside from the bride’s dress, of course) is the venue. With weddings becoming more personalized and unique—whether they are at a hall, restaurant, outside under a tent, etc.—it’s important that all couples maintain a checklist.

If you recently got engaged and are planning on having an off-site wedding, there are multiple things you need to consider aside from how the decor will look, how many tables you need, where flowers and centerpieces will be located, etc. In fact, you should consider the following for your off-site wedding:

Where the restrooms will be located.

With all of the eating and drinking going on, the restrooms will be one of the most visited spots throughout your wedding. So, if you plan on having a wedding outside and under a tent, it’s important that you have somewhere they can go to use the bathroom. While you can certainly rent a porta potty or two, multiple companies offer luxury portable restroom trailers that are perfect for outdoor weddings.

The surface you will be standing, mingling, and dancing on.

One of the benefits of choosing an indoor venue is that it comes with a surface for you and your guests to walk, talk, and dance on. However, if you choose to be outdoors, you will likely be walking on grass or pavement. While you certainly don’t have to make it so the grass completely disappears, renting a dance floor is a great option so you and your guests can feel more comfortable, and don’t end up tripping.

Whether or not you will need a permit.

While some places won’t require a permit, others will. Furthermore, if you’re having a large event at a state park, you should do your research so you don’t run into any issues on the big day.

If there will be enough lighting.

This will always be important no matter if the wedding is inside or outside, after all you want to look your best with the best lighting possible! Therefore, it’s key to make sure the venue has enough lighting to ensure that you and your guests see everything throughout the wedding.

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