4 Charming Traditions of an Irish Wedding

The Irish have many historied customs within their ancient culture, and there is a wealth of tradition when it comes to the jubilant ceremonies and celebrations of an Irish Wedding. Whether you wish to plan your own traditional Irish wedding for the respect of your heritage or simply have a love of the Irish culture, here are four simple and charming customs you can incorporate into your special day at Cottage Green.

  • Handfasting – Also known as “tying the knot” (which is where we get the term for marriage), handfasting is a very old tradition dating back to ancient times in Celtic history in which the hands of the betrothed are tied together by a cord, cloth, or sash. In those days, the act was done well before the actual day of the wedding, but in modern times it is done during the wedding ceremony itself. The article used to tie the hands is often decorated in a way to represent the betrothed or the families of the betrothed and is tied about their hands before, after, or during the exchanging of vows.
  • Flowers – Though quite common even for typical American weddings, the decoration of the location of the wedding celebration with flowers is a staple of an Irish wedding. Typically the venue in which the reception is held is adorned with locally grown flowers and other plants, which would vary depending on the season the wedding takes place. If you want to captivate your wedding guests with a beautiful assortment of flowers decorating your wedding hall in Philadelphia, then Village Catering would be more than happy to assist you with your floral needs.
  • Horseshoes – In Irish culture, horseshoes are a traditional symbol of luck for a household. During the wedding ceremony, the bride would present the groom with a horseshoe after walking down the aisle. Later, the groom would then affix the horseshoe to a wall or door within the home they would share to bring it luck. In the distant past, real horseshoes would be used for the custom, but in modern times it is more common to use a specially crafted glass or ceramic one.
  • Drinks – Giving a toast to the newly married couple is another Irish tradition that parallels what we have here in America. In modern custom, it’s typical to use champagne for the occasion, but there are several other more traditional drinks you could serve to guests for your wedding reception. Poteen is a traditional potato-based whiskey used often during the 17th and 18th centuries in Ireland. Even if Poteen isn’t available, a grain whiskey would serve the occasion just as fine. Another option would be honey mead, which was said to promote fertility between the newly married couple.

No matter what sort of wedding plans you have set for the upcoming year, Village Catering is here to help you find the perfect choices for reception venues in Philadelphia and helping you with all your reception planning needs. If you would like to know more, please contact us now!