4 Bizarre Wedding Traditions From Around the World

A white dress, a walk down the aisle, and a face full of cake for the newlyweds—there are some wedding traditions that everyone loves and recognizes. But in other cultures, wedding traditions can be a little bit crazier. Village Catering has researched some of the most interesting wedding traditions from around the globe – will you be including any of these on your big day?

  • South Korean fish battles. You read that right—in South Korea, it is traditional to prepare the groom for his big day by beating him with dead fish and bamboo sticks. Why? Purportedly, the fish battle makes the groom a stronger man for his wife and eventual children. Ouch!
  • Mauritania’s fat farms. In the United States, it’s common for brides to try and slim down before their big ceremony. But in the West African nation of Mauritania, the opposite is true. Brides are frequently sent to “fat farms” to gain weight before marriage. The extra pounds are purportedly a good-luck charm to help maintain a strong marital bond and bear healthy children.
  • France’s marital night ruckus. Hear pots and pans banging on your wedding night? If you’re French, it’s more likely than you think! On the first night of a couple’s wedding, French men and women will traditionally gather around their door and stir up a mighty ruckus. The only way to settle them down? The bride and groom must invite everyone inside for a meal!
  • Fiji’s marital teeth. No money for a diamond engagement ring? No problem in Fiji! On the island nation, it’s traditional for the groom to ask for a man’s daughter’s hand in marriage not with a ring, but by presenting the father-in-law with a large whale’s tooth.

At Village Catering, our favorite wedding tradition is simple—great food for all of your guests! Give our team a call today at 215-437-3337 to learn about how we can enhance your special day no matter what your family traditions may include!