3 Wedding Superstitions You Can Ignore!

As one of the most popular wedding reception venues in Philadelphia, believe us when we tell you that we’ve heard a lot of wedding superstitions over the years! There are many different superstitions out there, and some are good and some are bad. Our advice is to ignore them or put your own positive twist on them using a little creativity. 

Without further ado, here’s our take on some wedding day myths.

You’ll Die if You Drop the Ring

In traditional wedding-day folklore, it’s said that if somebody drops the ring during the ceremony, they will die.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s not true! But, it can lead to some practical advice. If you have a ring bearer appointed to look after your rings, make sure the bands are tied tightly enough, and that the ring pillow is handed over at the last minute. Obviously, you’re not doomed if the rings drop, but it could be stressful and a little awkward.

The Bride Must be Carried Over the Threshold

The ancient Romans believed that by carrying the bride over the threshold of the marital home, she would be protected from evil spirits.

Our Thoughts

This is something that the groom should do as a jovial nod to harmless tradition. If you’re not feeling strong, why not just walk hand in hand into your martial pad? Trust us; the evil spirits don’t have anything on you, so you don’t need to take this superstition seriously.

It’s Unlucky to See Each Other Before the Wedding

In the past, couples weren’t supposed to lay their eyes on each other until the last minute of the wedding day. This was so that the groom didn’t get the chance to change his mind. Over time, this custom turned into the idea that it’s unlucky for a groom to see his future wife on their wedding day.

Our Thoughts

Well, it’s a bit of a practical nightmare for most couples, especially when they’ve spent months planning and choreographing their big day.

That said, some couples keep this tradition going because it helps to build excitement and anticipation on the wedding day. Our advice is to do whatever makes you happy. Many couples sleep in the same room the night before, enjoy breakfast together, and book a joint photo session before the ceremony. 
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