3 Tips On How To Throw A Great Spring BBQ

Are you about to start planning a big summer barbecue for your friends and family? Are you trying to find some new ways to make that Memorial Day celebration more than just another reason to have a get together? Well, we at Village Catering would like to offer these three great spring BBQ tips that will hopefully make the day (or night) more fun!

Can’t go wrong with a theme!

It’s hopefully (finally) warm outside by the time you start planning your spring barbecue. One theme that we strongly suggest you consider is that of a Hawaiian luau. Nothing says “Aloha!” quite like having your guests walk into a tropical paradise.

In order to execute this theme properly, you can ask your guests to wear spring-like/tropical attire and flip flops. If not, that’s okay! Other things you can do can include hanging lanterns, placing tiki torches in the ground, and of course giving your guests a lei when they arrive!

Other themes can include that of a Mexican fiesta, ice cream social, masquerade ball, or casino night. Of course, you can always ask your guests what theme they would like!

Take some time to plan out the menu!

If you don’t know this by now, how much food you have on the menu should reflect how much time you spend in the kitchen (or ordering from a catering company.) If it just so happens that the barbecue is on the smaller side, we suggest that you take some time to experiment with your menu. For example, if you go the Hawaiian luau route you can cook mahi-mahi, prepare some tasty chicken dishes (instead of the traditional BBQ’d version) as well as experiment with your dessert options.

Of course, if you are having a party that you have deemed too large to cook for, we at Village Catering have more than plenty of food available on our picnic catering menu.

In the end, how much food you need should reflect how many people you are expecting. The last thing you need is to spend hours in the kitchen only to find just a handful have RSVP’d!

Provide a plethora of entertainment options!

We have been at many parties where after the guests have eaten they are left nothing left to do…

While some adults might tend to hover around the bar or a beer cooler, what about those who are younger and/or don’t drink? Just like you would prepare your food menu, we suggest that you have a list of entertainment options. The day of you can set up some games such as washers, horseshoes, badminton, and croquet. You can also set up some mini soccer nets or place some Frisbees on your picnic tables.

The key to any successful party will always be how much time you have to plan the event. If you do not feel like cooking and want to hear more about how you can plan a picnic or other event with Village Catering, please feel free to call us immediately!