3 Tips On How To Host A Fun Easter Party

Easter – just like Christmas and every other holiday, it only comes but once a year.  It is also a time where families get together and enjoy a nice home-cooked meal.  Plus, just like Christmas and other holiday’s that involve giving gifts, Easter is one that consists of its own gift-giving traditions such as hiding eggs filled with candy or money, as well as filling up Easter baskets with candy, toys, money etc.  However, for some, Easter isn’t as “celebrated” as many other holidays.  Therefore, for those who are looking to do more than just have the family over for dinner this year and scatter some eggs about the house or yard, here are 3 things we suggest doing in order to have a fun Easter with the family this year!

Keep The Kids Even More Preoccupied With An Easter Piñata!

One way we suggest adding to the kids’ fun this year (that will also mean more candy) is buying an Easter piñata.  Also, instead of filling it with candy you can fill it with some toys!  This way they will have something in addition to the old routine of hunting for eggs and getting their Easter basket.  Not to mention, they will be able to get ride off some of the energy they receive from consuming those sweets all day long!

Skip The Traditional Ham Or Turkey Dinner!

This might seem like a big no-no to most, but you can spice up this celebratory and also religious holiday with some spring-themed menu options.  Instead of serving foods you would typically serve at a holiday such as a Thanksgiving, some things you can opt to serve are lamb, eggs and asparagus.

Make Easter A Family BBQ!

Luckily here in the United States Easter is a spring holiday, and if there is one thing that Americans love to do it is BBQ.  If you are thinking this goes along with tip #2 above you are correct.  However, instead of keeping the family cooped up inside, pull out that patio furniture early, set up some tents if it is going to rain, and get the grill going just like you would for that 4th of July BBQ!  After all, instead of being a holiday in which children get candy, it is also one in which we celebrate new life.  Therefore, a good way to celebrate it is by having a BBQ or picnic outside amongst the flowers, warm sun and also some real “Easter” bunnies!

If there is one thing that we know at Village Catering it is food.  If you need any ideas on what to serve for this special occasion we will know exactly what you should serve! Also, don’t want to cook or BBQ?  Village Catering also offers picnic catering to Bucks County, Philadelphia, as well as many other areas in Eastern PA!  Give us a call today to hear more!