3 Special Diets Everyone Planning an Event Should Be Aware Of

No matter if you’re planning a business luncheon, a wedding celebration, or a sports team banquet, food is often the most exciting and most fun part of any event. Unfortunately, nothing can turn a sweet event sour quite like finding out that you can’t eat anything offered due to a dietary restriction. Village Catering knows that it can be difficult to keep track of new and emerging dietary trends, especially when you’re busy planning an upcoming event.

Some of the most common special diets that you may need to plan for include:

  • Kosher. Followers of the traditional kosher diet adhere to food consumption laws laid out in the “Torah,” a collective term for the first five books of the Jewish faith. Kosher dietary restrictions place a number of limitations on the foods that can be consumed. For example, kosher laws dictate that pigs and pork products cannot be consumed and that all meat must be slaughtered by a “Schochet,” or ritual butcher who understands how to prepare the meat without causing pain to the animal.
  • Halal. The term “halal” refers to food and food products that are permissible to be eaten under Islamic dietary laws. The halal diet is similar to the kosher diet because it forbids the consumption of pork as well as the consumption of meat that was not slaughtered using the conditions and methods set forth in the Quran. Many Muslims choose to adhere to halal diets for health reasons even if they do not consider themselves to be particularly religious.
  • Vegetarian and vegan. Men and women who limit their consumption of animal products may refer to themselves as vegetarian or vegan. Vegetarians usually do not eat meat, but they may consume eggs and dairy products on a person-to-person basis. Vegans do not consume any animal or animal-derivative products, including meat, cheese, eggs, other forms of dairy, and most gelatins.

Asking about any dietary restrictions prior to your event is crucial to creating a menu that everyone can enjoy. The catering team at Village Catering is proud to help event planners create a unique menu that fits the needs of every guest. To learn more about our catering services or special dietary needs, give our team a call today at 215-437-3337.