3 Fun and Creative Theme Ideas for Galas

Choosing the right theme for your gala can make all the difference in how successful it is for everyone invited.  If you have a full guest list and you want a theme that your gala-goers will talk about for years to come, then take a little time to choose a gala theme that is both creative and fun.  At Village Catering, we help our guests choose gala themes that are sure to make, and not break, your special event.  We also have our own banquet hall, Cottage Green.  If you are looking to create a memorable event at a beautiful venue, then consider one of these gala choices for your occasion.

  1. Winery gala

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine to bring people together?  Wine tasting events are a sure-fire way to get guests out and mingling at your event.  Wine tastings are also excellent choices for making a profit.  You can get started by soliciting a couple of local wine vendors and ask them to give you a deal on a few bottles that can be wrapped up and then auctioned off during the event.  Wine gift baskets are perfect for centerpieces, too.  Be sure to include pitchers of water at your tasting event, along with scoring cards and maybe a couple loaves of artisan bread. Opt for dim lighting and consider black-tie formal wear for the event, as well.

  1. Moulin Rouge

Are you looking to create an event with both excitement and allure?  How about a gala that will highlight a bygone era and some sultry ballroom dancing?  Maybe you’ve always dreamed of hosting an event where everyone was decked out in elaborate costumes.  With a Moulin Rouge themed gala, you can create all of this and more.  Get creative with your decor, using a red and black color scheme coupled with subtle, overhead lighting.  If you have access to a stage, this will only enhance the glamorous experience.  Think gemstones and sequins, feathers and top hats.

  1. Secret garden

Do you have visions for your gala that include mysterious tones and mystical wonder?  If so, you might want to consider a secret garden gala.  You can plan for a secret garden gala in an outdoor venue such as Cottage Green through Village Catering.  With a garden environment, your guests can show off their elegant costumes and enjoy live music, as well.  This theme offers a lot of flexibility in both costume choices and food selections.  Think about specialty teas and scrumptious croissants.  Consider using a stage for theatrical performances and maybe even add a crystal palace for guests to view sparkling and unique gems of your choosing.