10 Quick Tips for a Better Bridal Shower

As a bride’s maid-of-honor or bridesmaid, you’re traditionally responsible for hosting the bridal shower while the bride focuses on planning the wedding. Planning a bridal shower can be a challenge — especially if you’ve never hosted this sort of event before. Use these 10 quick tips to make bridal shower planning simple!

  • Pick a date early. Most bridal showers are held between two months and two weeks from the date of the ceremony.
  • Choose a fun theme before you start shopping for decorations or caterers. “Garden tea party,” “nautical,” and “classic romance” are 3 simple ideas you can use to get started.
  • Don’t invite any guests to the shower who haven’t been invited to the wedding.
  • Book your bridal shower banquet hall in Bucks County, PA as soon as you set a date. This will ensure that you won’t need to fight over a venue at the last minute.
  • Consider choosing a weekend afternoon for your shower time. This is the most common time of day for bridal showers and the time when most guests will likely be able to attend.
  • Encourage the bride to register for gifts well before the shower. Since many couples now live together before getting married, guests may not know what gifts the couple wants or needs.
  • Suggest that the bride include a few less expensive items on her registry. This allows guests on a limited budget to still offer a gift they know the bride will love.
  • Help the bride organize her gifts by marking down who gave what on the day of the event.
  • Include an RSVP date on your shower invitations. This will help you know exactly what size space you should book well ahead of time.
  • When in doubt, ask for the bride’s opinion on food, decorations, and gifts.

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