10 Fascinating Facts About Cake


You’ll see one at every birthday party, inside every graduation celebration, and in every bridal shower banquet ball in Bucks County, PA—it’s cake, and it’s got a deliciously long history. If you’re a cake lover, read on to learn ten interesting facts that you definitely didn’t know!

  • The meaning of the word “cake” has changed drastically over time. In the Middle Ages, a cake was a flat round of bread that was baked on both sides.
  • Sonya Thomas holds the world record for the most fruit cake eaten 10 minutes. Thomas scarfed down a whopping 4 pounds and 14.25oz of fruit cake in 2003.
  • Cupcakes date back to 19th century England. They got their name because they’d often be baked in pottery cups using leftover cake batter.
  • The first birthday cake was given in 1785. Instead of being eaten with friends and family, the birthday cake used to be given as a gift for the person to enjoy themselves on their special day.
  • In 17th century England, a common superstition said that if you put a chunk of fruitcake under your pillow, you’d dream of the person you were going to marry.
  • The first wedding cake wasn’t cake as we know it today—it was bread. In ancient Rome, guests would break a loaf of bread over the bride’s head to invite fertility and good fortune into her marriage.
  • The biggest wedding cake in the world was baked in February of 2004 by the Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. It weighed 15,032 pounds!
  • Dubbed the “Pirate’s Fantasy,” the most expensive cake in the world was worth $35 million. It featured a number of luxury qualities, including plenty of edible gold and sugar-encrusted sapphires.
  • November 26th is National Cake Day, while January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day.
  • Queen Victoria of Great Britain is supposedly the first person to ever put white icing on a cake. This is where the term “royal icing” comes from.

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