5 Tips to Help You Host the Perfect Summer Barbeque

Summer is the perfect time to get back together with long-lost family and friends, and there’s no better way to reconnect than with a summer barbeque! At Village Catering, we specialize in creating food that brings people together. So, consider our five tips for throwing your own summer barbeque, and start making those summer memories […]

Five Famous Philly Foods

Over the years, Philadelphia has had a large population of immigrants, contributing to a wide mixture of tastes to cater to. Many kinds of food were made famous in or near Philadelphia that maintain significant bonds with the city. At Village Catering, exceptional caterers in Philadelphia, you can get a taste of some of the […]

Five Trends For Catering Your Wedding

Weddings take a lot of patience and careful planning to execute. It’s a very special day, and you want it to go smoothly, if not perfectly. You have to pick a dress or tuxedo, invitations, flowers, and so much more. When it comes to finding a location and wedding catering in Philadelphia, look no further […]

Etiquette For A Funeral Luncheon

A death in the family or of another loved is always a difficult time. The wake, funeral proceedings, and other ceremonies are sad affairs. Because a majority of funerals take place in the morning, it’s routine for the deceased’s family to host an informal luncheon afterward, which is a more pleasant way to end the […]

Every Summer Wedding Should Have These 5 Things

Summer wedding season is in full swing and brides-to-be are scrambling to put the finishing touches on their wedding day. Village Catering makes summer wedding planning a breeze with our extensive wedding packages and a newly remodeled wedding hall in PA. With June being the most popular month to have a wedding, and August following […]