3 Ways to Practice Better Eating Habits

Are you worried you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle and also eat deliciously prepared catered meals? The menus at Village Catering offer a variety of healthy options from salads to vegetables and healthy proteins that we can customize for any meal, for any occasion! As March was National Nutrition Month and we approach the summer […]

3 Life Hacks for Busy People

At Village Catering, we want our customers to have access to fresh and unique menu items at the click of a button. Now more than ever convenience is key. If a customer cannot conveniently obtain our services, well, we wouldn’t still be in business after over 30 years. We know that life is busy. There […]

4 DIY Tips for Thrifty Brides

Weddings can be astronomically expensive, but not every bride is willing to use her life savings to pay for her special day. That being said, it’s still possible to have an awesome wedding while working within a tighter budget. After selecting your wedding caterer in Philly, there’s still plenty more work to do. Here are […]

5 Tips for Hosting an Amazing Tailgate Party

It’s football and hockey season, and fans are sporting the gear of their favorite teams, participating in fantasy leagues, and hosting some of the best tailgate parties. Not only are we obsessed with whether or not we picked the best players for our fantasy team but we’re also concerned about having the best tailgate party.  […]